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Picture illustrating complete web solution

ETINU is a complete web solution that's very user friendly and powerful, establishing you online with:

  • exceptional content and user management capabilities
  • premier cloud based hosting
  • domain management
  • responsive support

Picture illustrating section types

Has a range of flexible building blocks for you to select your mix of web site sections:

  • news items
  • blog
  • picture gallery
  • events diary
  • resources database
  • persons directory
  • news feeds
  • special publications
  • generic content
  • contact form

Picture illustrating user registration

You can recognise your audiences and provide private content to appropriate groups—special clients, suppliers, staff—you approve user registration via a simple one step process and create groups of users using groups you decide. Send mail shots to any group or all from your site.

Picture illustrating have menu, sub menu, adjust the order, move sections between menus

You can create a web site main menu and sub menu for each main item that you want—and change it anytime. Adjust the order of items, move an item from one submenu to the main menu or another submenu, specify layout of submenus, change the name of any item.

Picture illustrating multiple sections and subsections

Add as many web site sections and subsections as you require—multiple news streams on different topics, various galleries showcasing different aspects of your business, a series of blog sections for different audiences, resources sections relating to different business areas... all this and more.

Picture illustrating taming galloping news from different sources

Tame 'galloping' news from different sources. Automate the publishing and expiry of news items. You already have RSS feeds for individual blogs and a site feed for all news and blogs. Highlight news and blog items to appear on home page. Aggregate feeds from external sources. Allow other users to manage specific sections.

Picture illustrating imple document repository

Manage all documents associated with your web site using a simple document repository. Upload pictures with automatic resizing to web compatible thumbnail, normal and large sizes. Reuse or link to documents anywhere on your site. Publish selected documents. Use simple metadata to create tag clouds.

Picture illustrating manage look and feel through CSS

Manage the look and feel of the whole site using the site stylesheet, a full set of CSS directives that you can choose to customise using provided guidance. Upload new stylesheets and swap them around anytime to change the face of your site.

Picture illustrating search engine friendly web site

Be assured of a search engine friendly web site. With the latest HTML5, CSS3 and embedded metadata (RDFa) in relevant section types, content can be easily indexed and recognised by Google and other search engines. It's also Google Analytics ready—just insert your account code.

Picture illustrating acive ETINU codebase that everyone benefits from as changes are made

The ETINU codebase is a growing project and every time something new is added or improved, you, and all the other ETINU users, benefit immediately. And if anything is missing, we can develop it, making a new module available to your site, thanks to ETINU's modular architecture (development rates very competitive).