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Measuring your site’s visitor activity...

Christine Cahoon   Tue 10 Apr 2018   updated: Fri 03 Aug 2018

Did you know, within Google Analytics, there are four types of goals that can set that help you monitor how visitors are viewing your web site with even more detail than the default Google Analytics reports generate?

Those reports are under Conversions—no reports exist unless a goal is set.

You can set up a goal to see:

  • if visitors reach a Destination—it tracks when a visitor arrives on a specific page, for example, a thank you page after a contact form has been submitted or a booking/order confirmation page;
  • Duration—this tracks how long visitors stay on your web site before leaving, so it's good for tracking user engagement;
  • Pages/Visit—this tracks the number of pages each visitor views before leaving, so it's good for measuring site engagement, as well as highlighting those sections that may need improving; and
  • Events—these track interactions that aren't normally recorded by Google Analytics, for example, clicks on outbound links, time spent watching a video or how many times a document has been downloaded*.

Knowing how your site is performing, and how visitors behave once they arrive, is a great way to tell how your business is doing online. If you'd like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* If the publications section type is used to upload and display documents, the way ETINU is designed, it enables Google Analytics to record downloads automatically. The metrics associated with these downloads can be found in the Google Analytics report under Behavior -> All Pages.