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What to do if you’ve content for your web site in Word

Christine Cahoon   Tue 22 Mar 2016   updated: Wed 18 Oct 2017

The advantage of using the generic section type is that you can add whatever content you like in whatever way you want.

The downside is that if you copy any content from the likes of Microsoft Word and paste that content into the generic editor window, it also pastes invisible formatting characters and bloats the HTML (the language of the web) 10 times more than there should be.

Here's an example... view this PDF showing all the invisible formatting characters

And here's what it should be like...view this PDF showing the simple HTML web page

It's important to avoid adding Word's styles throughout the site so that if a site design and styles are to be changed in the future, only one stylesheet needs modified, saving time and money.

Before copying and pasting...

  • open the file in Word and select from the File menu "Save as..."
  • select the Plain text (*.txt) option and save the file and close it
  • open that file to view its content—copy and paste that content into the generic editor window.

There'll be no formatting characters in the text now.

To make the web page nicely formatted with the styles of your web site, select the text you want to format and use the Font Format dropdown menu in the editor window to make it have the Paragraph style or heading 2 style. This will ensure all the styles will be consistent with the rest of the site.

If it doesn't look quite the way you'd like after that, contact us and provide the link to that web page you're working on—we're here to help.

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Christine Cahoon   Thu 13 Apr 2017

An easier solution is to use the Chrome web browser available at:

Download and install this browser.

If you are using a PC version, when you edit the page and use right-click when the cursor is over the generic editor window, it will display a mini-menu and you can select the Paste as plain text option. The text will appear as plain text so you can use the Font format menu options to style the text.

If you are using the Mac version, the mini menu has the option Paste and Match style—this will use the default paragraph style. However, you will still need to use Font format menu options to appropriately style the rest of the text.