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What’s the tag cloud used for?

Christine Cahoon   Fri 18 Mar 2016   updated: Fri 29 Apr 2016

The tag cloud feature is available in a few section types, namely in:

  • Blog—allowing the blog items to be categorised by adding keywords to each. It means that when a keyword is selected in the tag cloud, it displays only those posts relating to that keyword
  • Gallery—adding a keyword(s) to each photo means that you can group them into different events or people
  • Publications—adding a keyword(s) to each document makes it easier for your visitors to view those documents that relate to a certain topic (rather than viewing a complete list)

For every photo, document or blog post, there is a Keywords input field and you can add the keyword(s) that describe the content that is being added.

These keywords are displayed in the tag cloud.

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Christine Cahoon   Fri 29 Apr 2016

It's worth taking some time thinking about what keywords you want to use to group the different type of content (whether it's for photos in a gallery, documents in a publications section or blog posts in a blog).