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When should I use the section types... blog and newsitems?

Christine Cahoon   Fri 17 Jul 2015   updated: Wed 17 Jan 2018

Basically newsitems is for timed content whereas the blog displays the content permanently and in various ways:


  • by default, it displays the last 10 blog posts
  • in its sidebar, the blog items are listed by the month when they are added showing the contributor, number of articles and comments added within each month
  • a tag cloud is also displayed on the sidebar—those keywords that have been specified in each blog post so users can find all the blog posts about a certain topic
  • there is also a free text search box for users to find an article about a topic they are looking for


  • a start and expiry date is specified for each news item
  • once the item has reached the expiry date, it will automatically be placed in an Archive that users can search

You can choose to add a Facebook or Twitter feed in the sidebar of the News section.