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Check what keywords visitors use to get to your site...

Christine Cahoon   Fri 30 Jan 2015   updated: Thu 18 Jan 2018

Have you ever wondered what keywords visitors have typed into a Google search that, when the Google search results page is displayed, they've then selected a link to your site?

This is where Google Analytics, the free web analytics tool, helps. ETINU automatically adds a tracking code into each web site so from the start you have the ability to check your web site traffic. To view the report:

  1. log into your Google Analytics account from:
  2. type in your email address and password to sign in—if you've forgotten your access details to your Google Analytics account, do get in touch and we'll help you through the process
  3. there's lots of reports but the one we are focusing on is under 'Search Console' reports, select:

    Acquisition  >  Search Console  >  Queries

By default, the Queries report shows the Google search queries that generated the most clicks for your web site addresses. You can sort by selecting the headings of the other columns to order queries in descending/ascending rank by those metrics. What you see is:

  • a graph showing the Clicks the number of times that any web address from your site appeared in a Google search results page and was viewed by a user
  • a table showing:

    • Search Query—the keyword(s) that users typed to reach your site;
    • Clicks—the number of clicks when that search query has brought people to your web site from search results page;
    • Impressions—number of times that your web site addresses appeared in search results pages;
    • CTR—click-through rate showing the ratio of clicks to impressions for your web site addresses; and
    • Average Position of your web site addresses in search results pages.

Use this report to identify search keywords for which your site has a good average position, but poor click-through rate. These are keywords for which your pages get attention, so improving your content could lead to more traffic coming and staying on your site.


Christine Cahoon   Tue 24 Feb 2015   updated: Thu 18 Jan 2018

If you only see a message "This report requires Search Console integration to be enabled." when you go to the SEO reports, then your web site is managed by a separate Google account and Platypus hasn't administration access. So your site needs to be linked up with the Search Console. Follow the simple instructions from within Google Analytics or go direct to Or if you need any advice, contact us. We're here to help.

However, normally all ETINU sites will be linked already so no need to worry if you are using our software.

Christine Cahoon   Tue 24 Feb 2015   updated: Thu 18 Jan 2018

So it's all about improving your keywords within relevant content on your web site, so that when users search they are going to the right content they are looking for, in effect, improving visitor experience.

And just in case you are tempted, don't be using the keyword metatag to place lots of keywords into... because of abuse this has been deprecated by Google and other search engines for a long time. Good summary in this article:

Is the meta keyword tag still used by Google, Bing and Yahoo?